Photoshop editor online is a website that allows you to perform photoshop like transformations to your photos and images. The website is designed in a responsive way and very easy to use, you only have to follow 4 simple steps to get your photos ready.

The website implements a smart algorithm on the background which works as the engine for the transformations simplifying amazingly the labor of photoshopping your photos.

With this free online tool, basically anyone can be almost a professional photo editor. The website features two different tools for photoshopping images, merge and overlay. The are used for different purposes and and depending on the application you will choose the one’s better for you.

If you want to keep both images (both textures) but only the color of the background, the merge is the right choice for you.

Otherwise, if you want to keep only the upper image but both colors, the overlay option is the one for you. also features the selection and drag and drop tools which makes the job considerably easier to perform.