Boxpn review


In a world where the prying eyes are getting closer and closer to our nowadays lives, like back in the Soviet Union days, counter measures are needed. When considering the fact that 40% of the world uses Internet and most people have their whole lives and businesses there, then sharing all of with crackers, law enforcement, data collecting companies aren’t in most people’s interest. As such the first step needed to be taken would be using a VPN – virtual private network.

Today we are going to take look at one of such VPN providers that’s called Boxpn. Boxpn was established in 1998 and at first it started selling dedicated servers and web hosting and after some time it expanded it’s services also to providing VPN. Their motto is: “Providing you with a fast, stable and secure network while at the same time offering you a remarkably good value for your money.” Today we will put that motto to test and see if it stands it’s place.

Server Locations

Boxpn hosts servers in a whopping 19 countries that makes up to 200+ servers globally. Some of the locations would be: USA, Canda, UK, Panama, Russia, China and so on. So they pretty much have covered most of the continents and most of the most wanted locations.

Network Status & Speed

They state that they are connected directly to the worldwide 220 Gbit high-speed backbone of Softlayer Technologies Inc., PlusServer AG, UK2 Group and iWeb Technologies which should conclude having direct connections to the one of the most reliable providers and one of the largest European and US locations.

Also the unlimited bandwidth feature is welcomed. And another plus would be that they support P2P and torrenting so torrent fans should be pleased with that.

Supported OS, Devices and Protocols

Saying that Boxpn has covered all of the main operating systems would be quite a hoax. Although they support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android then there are no support for Linux. So pretty much that is a bummer because Linux OS’es are getting more popular with time.

The tutorial apartment didn’t shine either – the Android tutorials were for Android 2 & 3 and for iOS they were for iOS 3,4,5 so they are quite outdated. Also there wasn’t even a tutorial for Windows 8, so somewhat of laziness could be seen in that apartment.

Regarding protocols they have it covered quite well – PPTP, L2TP and SSTP are all supported. Although more and more people are moving to OpenVPN so hopefully sometime in the future Boxpn supports it also.

Boxpn also let’s you have 3 simultaneous connections so that’s a positive thing to see.


In software compartment there is nothing special to say – Boxpn uses the default Windows Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Although it’s quite handy and no extra applications are needed, there aren’t any kind of special features such as kill switch and so on.

Plans & Pricing

The plans and pricing are quite straight forwarded – all of the plans have the same packages so pretty much the only thing you should observe is for how long do you need VPN services.

As you can see by buying 1 or 3 month packages they are quite crispy comparing to some other VPN providers, but if you really like Boxpn then the 12-month package is quite good bang-for-the-buck package.

Also Boxpn provides a free trial if you contact them.

Customer Support

Unfortunately there is no option for live support and that’s somewhat a bummer to see because that’s where the most of the world is moving nowadays. Boxpn has a ticket support system – you fill your request, problem and they respond to you, but in our case it took quite some time when asking for a technical question.


Well security is the backbone of any VPN so probably this is the most important thing that should have a thorough look. Are the protocols rock solid, what about logging and so forth?

Boxpn uses a 2048-bit SSTP, so your PPP and L2TP traffic are secure so there shouldn’t be a problem with that. Boxpn also has applied Microsoft TMG to their servers whose purpose is to mitigate the risks coming from the web, basically it acts as a firewall, antivirus and phishing filter.

They also clearly state that they don’t store logs, but unfortunately they don’t specify what kind of logs – data logs, ip logs, timestamps and so forth.


We liked

  • Plenty of servers to choose from
  • Rock solid encryption & Microsoft TMG
  • Good price for bulk
  • No logs policy
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • Support of P2P & torrenting

We didn’t like

  • Quite high price when ordering only 1 or 3 month packages
  • Really outdated and bad tutorials
  • No proprietary software
  • No OpenVPN protocol

With all said and done the Boxvpn is quite an average performer – there are plenty of servers to choose from but because of the overall not so professionalism the experience is somewhat of an average. If you don’t mind a little bit tinkering and you know you need a VPN for 12-months then Boxpn might be the thing for you. Otherwise, for fewer time, there are some better providers out there in the market.