BTGuard review


VPN services are becoming very popular and the industry continues growing, meaning that more providers are available in the market for you to choose. One of the options that you can select is BTGuard, a company based in Canada whose popularity is due in great part to the fact that TorrentFreak endorses it. Since this website is known for their activism on privacy issues, BTGuard is seen as a good choice for users that want to ensure that their personal data and online activities are protected. Given that Canadian laws do not require data retention, BTGuard can offer their customers a no logging policy. To find out is BTGuard is the right service for you, continue reading our findings.

Servers Location
BTGuard has a basic network with only 3 locations to choose from: Canada, Netherlands and Singapore. Even though the options to change your IP address are not as extensive as what you get from other providers, the fact that they offer three varied locations in three different continents, should be enough to give you the possibility to access content from any website, in spite of it being blocked in your country. It also means that regardless of your location, you are meant to find a server close to you, which should avoid slow speed issues. Unfortunately, in some occasions we did experience slowness in the connection and this is one of the things that makes BTGuard lose points.
Supported OS, Protocols and Devices
BTGuard works with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The protocols supported are PPTP and OpenVPN and their services are compatible with desktop computers, laptops, iPhones . iPad and android devices. They offer detailed instructions to set up OpenVPN with all the operating systems that they support. However, no instructions were provided to install and launch PPTP in android devices.
BTGuard offers two plans for their customers. For a cost of $6.95 per month, you can subscribe to the BitTorrent Proxy package. As its name indicates, this plan is aimed to BiTorrent users who want to be able to download files in an anonymous way. With this plan, you get a proxy IP address to hide your actual location and to protect your identity. If your main concern is anonymity, this plan would suit you. If you wish a full VPN service, you need to pay $9.95 per month for their full VPN plan, which offers security and data encryption as well as access to their servers in Canada, Netherlands and Singapore.
Customer Support
While the website contains a lot of information that can be useful for customers and very extensive FAQ and knowledgebase sections, you can only contact their customer support team by creating a ticket. Even though you may find an answer to your query on the website, there is a lot of information to go through and it is not always easy to find what you are looking for.  Since there are some issues with slow speed, the fact that you are not able to contact them more efficiently is a bit frustrating.
The strong point about BTGuard is their commitments and their ability to offer a no logging policy, which is something that appeals a lot of users. However, the speed is not as good as what you get with other providers. Furthermore, the fact is that their basic service (BitTorrent proxy) doe snot offer you full protection and for a lower price you can get a complete VPN service from other provider.