Express VPN Review

Express VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best option to ensure that your privacy online is protected and to get access to any website and content regardless your location. With a VPN you can protect your internet connection from eavesdroppers as it establishes a secure tunnel between your device and any website that you access, meaning that all the data sent or receive will not be visible for others. With a VPN you can also hide your location and identity since it enables you to switch your IP address which means that you will appear as if you are connecting from a completely different place. When you are looking for a VPN provider, there are different aspects that need to be checked in order to ensure that you subscribe to the best option. Speed and server locations are some aspects that make US company ExpressVPN, one of the providers to consider. Let’s tale a look at what they offer in the most relevant areas.

Servers Location
EXpressVPN offers a large selection of options to change your IP address thanks to the fact that they have servers in over 39 countries all around the world. You can easily find a server to connect to, no matter where you are located in. The advantage of having a VPN provider that counts with an extensive network of servers is that you have more options to change your IP address, which means that your true identity and location are well protected.
Supported OS, Protocols and Devices
ExpressVPN works with most versions of Windows, Mac Operating Systems and Linux. In terms of protocols supported, their list features options such as SSTP, OpenVPN UDP/ Open VPN TCP, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP. Their VPN client is compatible with mobile devices such as android devices, tablets iPhone, iPad as well desktop and laptops.
You can choose the duration of your plan from one month and the prices get lower when you set up a subscription for a full year.  If you choose to pay monthly, the price is $12.95 per month. For six months, you pay $59.95v which means that you would only pay  $9.99 per month. One year subscription costs $99.95, which means that each month would cost you just $8.32.
Customer Support
Their customer support team can be contacted mainly through email based ticket support system and they promise to respond within 24 hours. If you need a faster response, they also offer live chat and a comprehensive Support section on their website in which you will find information that can help with most queries.

ExpressVPN is a reliable company that offers a great speed and a great selection of servers to protect your anonymity on internet. Their prices are on the expensive side but since their service is good and they have a money back guarantee that covers you for the first 30 days of service, they are worth considering. They offer very useful information and instructions and their service is easy to use. Keep in mind that they have to comply with US laws, meaning that they are covered by data retention laws so they do keep some loggings.