In the past, when the internet first came into existence, no one thought that it would become what it has. People utilize the internet every single day to carry out some of the simplest tasks. From work to play or leisure, the internet has revolutionized modern day society. However, with every positive, there is a negative.

The internet, over the past ten years has been a place of attack. Hackers, snoopers, ID thieves, and the government are doing everything in their power to gain access to your sensitive information. If your information ends up in the hands of the wrong entity, your life could be affected adversely. IronSocket is a VPN provider whose focus is to help internet users protect themselves from data breaches.

Server Locations
Ironsocket operates on a global VPN platform. It services various continents. Europe, the United States, and Africa are a few of the larger continents that Ironsocket services. All of the virtual private network servers support Peer to Peer sharing, OpenVPN and L2TP.

No Bandwidth Restrictions
Most VPN carriers place bandwidth restrictions against how much bandwidth they allow their users to utilize. However, with Ironsocket, there are no restrictions on the amounts of bandwidth that a user may utilize. As long as a user keeps an active subscription with the site, they are able to use as much bandwidth as they decide to use, in order to download or transmit data.

How Ironsocket VPN Services Work
The Ironsocket platform encrypts user’s connections, by masking the IP addresses that users have. This allows users to log onto whatever site they want, and to browse the internet without any restrictions. The encryption used on the site is AES-256 RSA 2048 encryption. Users can connect to the internet privately and securely, even when utilizing public WiFi networks. Therefore, it is possible to utilize the software, everywhere, on any type of internet capable device.

Supported Operating Systems
Ironsocket has a long list of operating systems that it supports. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are the computer supported operating systems. Android and Apple IOS are supported on tablet and smartphone devices. Any device that is cable of receiving an internet connection can have the VPN software installed onto it.

Pricing and Plans
There are three different plans that users can choose from. These plans are the monthly plan, which costs $6.99 per month; the bi-annual plan, or the six month pricing plan which can be obtained for $35.95, and the annual or yearly plan, which is $49.95 per year. Users are able to receive an additional amount of savings based on the plan that they choose. The services rendered by Ironsocket are given with a seven day money back guarantee, there are no trial periods.

Ironsocket VPN services try to make themselves sound different from other VPN providers. They focus their attention primarily on what people generally utilize the internet for, which is for streaming activities. Activities such as streaming movies from Netflix and Hulu have become extremely popular. However, there are many restrictions placed upon certain areas, VPNs allow users from various countries to be able to access restricted content. We give Ironsocket four out of five stars, due to the fact that there is no trial period for this service.