IVPN review


In a world where everything that you do is put under the scrutiny of the government, protecting your sensitive data is important. VPNs are used to safeguard your personal information, from anyone who attempts to peer at it. Government surveillance and snoopers have made the activity of going onto the internet, and performing tasks online an impersonal experience.

You should not have to worry about your personal information being breached. You should not have to be concerned with your family having their information taken from identity thieves and hackers, who want to utilize the information for malicious manners. VPNs can help to ensure that none of these things occur. IVPN is one such service that has set its sights on helping people eliminate data breaches and snooping.

Why Choose IVPN?
According to their site, IVPN stands by the statement that privacy, not the stealing of your personal information through piracy is their personal priority. There are some VPN companies that will make additional profits for their company through renting out their servers and also selling the bandwidth that they have that is supposed to be available for customers, to other companies. All of the activities that individuals perform online are tied directly to the VPNs IP address, not to the users IP address. The site proclaims that no data is saved, during any of their users interactions.

Speeds and Status
All of the servers that IVPN utilizes are deployed utilizing tier-1 multi-gigabit networks. The interfaces are run through gigabit Ethernet interfaces. But, contrary to popular belief the experience that you will encounter while utilizing IVPN is not based upon the maximum output of the servers that the site utilizes. Most users, which span across the United States and Europe, utilize only seventy percent of the bandwidth that is provided to them.

Supported Operating Systems
IVPN supports various operating systems on many different types of devices. Windows, Apple IOS, MAC, and Android operating systems are all supported by IVPN. The software can be downloaded onto computers, tablets, and smartphones. Basically, any item that enables you to go onto the internet can be accessed by utilizing the VPN software that IVPN uses.

Plans and Prices
IVPN allows users to try their software for seven days, before committing. There are no hidden fees that go along with utilizing the service, and users have the ability to cancel their services at any time. There are five different ways that users can pay to use the service. Users can pay for the service on a quarterly basis, which would cost $40. Users can choose to pay for the service annually for $100 per year, bi-annually for $70, monthly for $15, or on a one time basis for $20.

While utilizing the service, users will gain access to multihop technology, which is employed only by IVPN; Paranoid encryption, access to all of the servers that the carrier has, as well as unlimited switching abilities, and no fees to set up the service.

IVPN is a trusted VPN provider. They service over one hundred and fifty countries. They have been operational since 2002, and since being in service, have not had any adverse reviews. On a five star scale, we give IVPN 4 ¾ stars out of 5.