Private Internet Access review

Private Internet Access

It does not matter how you use internet, there are many good reasons to make VPNs an essential part of your online navigation settings. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are not only useful to keep your information protected from online attackers but also to obtain access to content and social media websites regardless of geo location restrictions. This is possible thanks to the fact that VPNs masks your IP and encrypts your data so your activity on internet cannot be deciphered and is protected from prying eyes.  Using a VPN has become a must nowadays and when you are looking for a VPN provider, one of the options that you will come across is Private Internet Access.  The company is based in the United States and they offer a very advanced level of services that ensure the security of your information. Their VPN client is simple to use and their speed connection is very satisfying.

Servers location

Private Internet Access has a large network of servers located in 9 countries, including Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States, where you can choose amongst different locations. They  offer a dynamic IP without additional charge, which means that they give you the possibility of changing your IP address whenever you want to. This give you more options to surf internet freely and to be able to watch videos or live TV online, even if the content is restricted in your country.

Supported OS and Devices

Private Internet access supports Windows (including Vista, Windows 7/8 and XP versions) Mac OS X (10.4 to 10.8), as well as Linux. They are compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android devices and of course, with laptop and desktop computes.


With Private Internet Access you can use multiple VPN technologies such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. These range of protocols give users more options to use VPN services in their mobile devices.


Private Internet Access stands out for the convenience of their prices. Their monthly plan costs only $6.95 USD and for six months you would pay just $35.95 (which would be just $5.99 USD per month).  You can get the greatest savings by subscribing to their yearly plan for an incredible $39.95, which means that each month would cost as little as $3.33, making them one of the most affordable VPN providers in the market.

Customer Support

This is an area in which Private Internet Access truly delivers, showing that even if you pay less for your VPN services, it does not mean that you will get a less reliable customer support. Contacting their customer service team is a good experience thanks to their helpfulness and skills. You can interact with them via email, ticket support and social media channels.


Private Internet Access’ low price is one of their most appealing quality but their customer support and easy to use service, also need to be highlighted. One of their downsides is the lack of a free trial but since their prices are so convenient, this should not be a major issue. Besides, the company has a no logging policy which is a decisive aspects for many people as it means that your privacy is truly protected.