VPN secure review

VPN secure

Virtual Private Networks are not only the best method to protect your security and you anonymity online. They are also useful for anyone that wants access to websites that are restricted in their country or to watch TV or videos on internet, regardless of their geographical restriction. One of the VPN providers that you can choose from is VPN secure, a company established in Australia in 2010 and that is focused in providing the highest standard of online security for their users. Below you will find further information about all the characteristics of their service.

Servers location
VPN Secure counts with almost 80 servers in over 30 countries such as Mexico, Finland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Singapore, Panama, Turkey, Spain and Italy. Their network is growing continuously so you can expect more options to be added to this list. The variety of the IP selection that you get allows you to watch content from any location.
Supported OS and Devices
VPN Secure supports the main operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. The fact that they count with special applications for Windows OS and Mac, (as well as for iOS and Android) means that their VPN client is easier to set up. VPNSecure is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad , Tablets and Android smartphones.
Their services are compatible with PPTP, L2TP, HTTP Proxy, OpenVPN and SSH Socks. Most protocols work well with mobile devices and OS but the HTTP proxy is a good alternative for those cases in which the VPN cannot be installed due to system/hardware configurations.
With VPN Secure you get a great selection of plans that offer different features, so there is one that will suit every user. Their basic HTTP Proxy plan gives you access to all servers, unlimited bandwidth and high speed for $4.95 or $24.95 per month. The PPTP/L2TP plan has a price $7.95 per month (or $39.95 for 6 months). Their SSH SOCKS5 and OpenVPN cost price of $9.95 per month and if you subscribe for 6 months, you would save money as the price is just $49.95. There is also a comprehensive OpenVPN/ PPTP package and the price is $13.95 per month and $59.95 for a 6 month subscription. VPN Secure also offers a free VPN option but this has a limited data (600MB a day) and slow speed. If you want to try their service before setting a subscription, you can pay $2 for their 2 days trial.
Customer Support
You can contact VPN Secure’ customer service via live chat and email based ticketing system. The live chat is open from 9:00  to 21:30  (Australian EST) every day. Their support forum contains information and solutions for some of the most usual technical issues that user may experience.
VPN Secure is a reliable and speedy service. The company has not been around for too long but they have already made their mark with strong privacy and affordable prices. Keep in mind that as per their Terms and Conditions, VPN Secure may log and keep track of your online activity. This, along with the fact that their packages are not as complete as what you get for the same price form other companies, may put some people off but they are still a good option for anyone looking for a safer way to connect to internet.