VPN4All review


Privacy is a major concern nowadays, specially for people that use internet frequently. Internet can be used for different purposes that range from work or sturdy to personal communication and entertainment but no matter what you do online, you should pay special attention to the security of your connection. Everyday we send and receive private data through internet (which is a public network), so it is important to be aware that this data can be accessed by others including your ISP, companies, hackers and even the government. In other words, our privacy is not safe online unless we take the necessary precautions to ensure that our online activities cannot be monitored. Whether you want to protect confidential information from work, download and access content without restrictions or enjoy internet with confidence even when you connect using a public Wi-Fi, you can trust in a VPN service. Established in 2009, Dutch company VPN4All is one of the providers that offers all the advantages of a VPN, including a no logging policy which mean that they do not keep track of your activity online. Even though the company does not own or control their own network of servers (this is administered and controlled by WebBrodcasting Ltd, a company based in Seychelles). VPN4All manages billing and customer support from the Netherlands and they guarantee to provide a reliable and fast service. We tried out VPN4All to see how their service performs in the main aspects of a VPN.

Servers Location
When you subscribe to the VPN service that VPN4All offers, you can enjoy access to over 200 servers located in 32 countries (You can expect this number to increase as they work to expand their network) in Africa (Seychelles), Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore), Europe (Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Latvia, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Finland to name a few) as well as United States and Canada. The lack of servers in Australia or New Zealand can be seen as a downside but since they are constantly updating their list of servers, this may change very soon.

Supported OS, Protocols and Devices
At the moment they do not support Linux (even though they do provide helpful information on how to set their client up through OpenVPN) but their VPN service works with the two most popular Operating Systems: Windows (XP and higher versions) and Mac (from 10.5 onwards). In regards to protocols, they mainly offer OpenVPN and throughout their website they highlight the security of this protocol for desktop computers compared to options such as PPTP. They only offer PPTP and IPsec/L2TP for mobile devices. VPN4All’s client is compatible with iPhones, iPads, androids, windows smartphones and of course, desktops and laptops.

They offer three plans depending on your needs and devices. If you mainly connect to internet from your mobile phone or tablet, you should go for the VPN4All Mobile plan. The bandwidth limit for this plan is 5GB and you can only use 100 of the over 200 IPs that they have. Still, it is the best option for mobile users. The price per month for this plan is €5.95 (Or $8). For three months you pay €15 (approx. $20), Six months cost €28 ($38 approx.) and the annual subscription cost €49 (nearly $66). If you use internet from a desktop computer or Mac and you are mainly interested in online browsing, you can get the VPN4ALL-50 GB, which as the name indicates, offers 50 GB bandwidth limit. The price per month is €9.95 (or $13.5), €25 (Almost $34) for 3 months, €48 (About $65) for 6 months and €84 ( $113 approx.) for a yearly subscription. For those that need unlimited bandwidth and that use internet to download and stream online content, the bets option is the VPN4All Unlim. For this plan, you pay €16.95 ($13) per month, €43 ($58) for 3 months, €81 ($109) for six months and €142 ($191 approx.) for annual subscription. VPN4All offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all plans and you also have the option of getting additional protection against malware, viruses and phishing for an extra cost of €2.49 ($3.35 USD).

Customer Support
The website has an extensive knowledge base in which you are very likely to find the solution to your query. If you need to contact their support team, you can do it by email based ticket support system. For faster response, you need to select the relevant department to address your issue to (e.g. Billing or Technical support) and they also state that they can be contacted via live chat. However, we were not able to contact them, not even the window or a message stating that they are offline. Perhaps, they are not available at this time, even though the website still list this option. Still, when we contacted them via email, they were effective and fast to respond.

VPN4All is easy to use and their anti-malware features are a good option to enhance the security of your connection. However, you can get a more complete service for the same price (or even less) and the fact that their compatibility options are restricted can also be an issue. The fact that their VPN service is operated from Seychelles allows them to have a no logging policy but they still have to improve many things in order to become a top VPN provider.
VPN4All offers a good, easy to use service that offers additional security options that can be very appealing, specially for those with higher technical requirements. However, their prices are not the most convenient and they do not offer as many compatibility options in terms of OS (no Linux support) or protocols. Their Live chat support does not seem to be available, it seems like they need to work on making their website more accurate and easy to navigate.