Fotoshop online

Fotoshop has become such a great tool for editing your pictures, and there are some online versions that work fairly well. Fotoshop is a tool that provides you with a ton of tools to edit your pictures practically in any way you want, it’s amazing what some people achieve by using this tool, it’s almost an art. However, it is somewhat hard to use and even more if you are an inexperienced user.

Having that in mind, a fotoshop online has been created. This app allows you to select a chunk of a photo, then cut it and paste it into another photo, but just like it was made using a professional editor, this is due to algorithm that powers it from backscene.

With online fotoshop you can create impressive photos by adding or removing elements or objects from your pictures. It features two modalities, the overlay and the mix options. Both have their advantages, whether you choose one or another will depend on the effect you want to create. If you want to fotoshop an object in a scene, but removing what is behind that object you should use the overlay option. If you want to add an object to a scene but keeping the scene intact, the you can use the mix option.