How to photoshop a photo

The most obvious answer to the question, how to photoshop a photo? it’s clearly: use photoshop! we know that. BUT we are also aware that it is expensive (unless you want to download it craked, which is wrong) and it’s also not so easy to learn. Even more considering that you may want to photoshop a photo only once in while. So maybe it’s not worth the inverstment nor the time.

Looking at it, you may still have some options. You could ask a friend to do it for you, although it can’t be often, maybe once or twice, and that considering he’s not a pro, because if he is, friends or not, he should charge you, after all, that’s what he/she does for living. The other option you have is ask someone in the internet to kindly do it for you, but you may end up in a mess like the guy from: can someone photoshop the sun between my fingers?

And you have a third altenative: use another program. That’s actually the one we wanted to mention in this post. Recently it was launched a photoshop editor online (at this link) which does not precisely allow you to do all the things that you can do in photoshop or pixlr, so don’t get confused, but it is certainly powerful and easier to use. We already said what this website doesn’t allow you to do, but what can you do with it then? Well, you can upload a picture, select a chunk of it that you would like to insert into another picture, crop it, move it freely, resize it and paste it over the new picture that you want. Here is where the magick comes, the website pastes it in a seamlessly way, that is, it will make it look natural, like it was part of the original image. Actually what it does is try to match the colors on both pictures but keeping the borders, so as a result your inserted chunk will look like the color from the background was dragged inside with your finger.

You can either do that or select a second option offered by the website, which allows you to completly mix both images, keeping the details of both images but with the color of the background.

Either way, the results are impressive and you cannot say it was expensive neither as hard or time consuming as it would’ve been with photoshop or pixlr. And you certainly did by yourself.

So stop bother about learning all that complex tricks, maybe you task is as simple as cutting and pasting and you are breaking your head when will solve it immediatly,