How to photoshop someone into a picture

Handling photoshop is an art nowadays, where some are plain gods while many of us are not prominent at all. But thanks to the heavens a new website allows us to do just the same without much effort. This website is

This website allows you to upload a picture, grab an area and crop it and then insert it into another picture naturally, you can resize, move and rotate the image as you desire to make it look more natural. The selection tool is really nice, giving you a lot of flexibility to select irregular figures.

To photoshop someone into a picture just follow the following steps:

1. Go to and click start editing

2. Upload the photo of the person as the front image and the scene where you want to inset him/her as the background image

3. Grab the person(s) you want to photoshop. Try to grab them as tight as possible, to avoid including anything else in the final image. Click Done

4. Move the mask wherever you want to insert the person and scale it to fit right. Then Click Finish

5. Finally select the overlay button. We select this button becuase we don’t want to keep what’s beneath the person (the background).

6. Wait a few seconds and get your photoshoped picture, just click download or share on facebook

Photoshop mobile. The website is responsive, meaning it works on cellphones, tablets, and mobile devices as well!