Online photoshop editor

Photoshop is simply just a beautiful, powerful tool for photo editing, but many times you may not have access to it, mainly due to it’s price. So we made a quick search over the internet to find the closest alternative to photoshop and we found some fairly good editors.

First of all we have pixlr, which basically features and interface almost identical to the real photoshop, it has the same tools and essence. The only turn down is that it is a little bit slow, since the changes you make must be performed in the server side and then sent back to you. Also it is not the same to work in a web browser than in a desktop application, to mention one reason, you have less space.

Another alternative is photoshop editor online, which presents a change of perspective, it doesn’t features the same tools or interface as photoshop, but it is used for the same purpose. You can achieve the same results as photoshop but with less effort and in a more interactive way, you do it by only telling that website what you want it to do, but not how to do it, and website deals with the how.

And basically that’s all there is. Of course there are plenty other websites with the word photoshop on it’s name, but they are nothing but cheap copies of pixlr, no don’t bother in trying them.