Photoshop editor online

In this section of photo editors reviews that we have started, we introduce a brilliant editor “photoshop editor online“. es beautifully designed to work for PCs and cellphones, it’s simplicity is the key through the photoshop editing process. It is powered by a powerful algorithm that allows you to photoshop your photos in two different ways:

1. First you get the overlay option, which allows you to insert a chunk of a photo over another one seamlessly, it combines the colors of both images but keeping the main features, that way it looks natural, like the were actually taken like that. With this tool you can photoshop yourself with celebrities, photoshop yourself into a picture or scene or switch someone’s face with yours.

2. The second option allows you to combine the features of both images, that way you can upload a picture and add additional features to it. For example you can draw yourself a tattoo, or a halo, a mask, a skull and several other examples shown in their homepage.

The tool to select the desired region in the front (source) image works great, and the tool to manipulate the selected region allows you to rotate, shift and scale this region onto the background (destination) image.

Anybody can create astonishing pictures now without any knowledge on photoshop just by having the idea, a web browser and no more than 2 minutes.

So if you ever wonder how to photoshop someone into a picture?, this website is the answer.

Because of the achievement of this website as an alternative to photoshop, we rate it 10/10.