Face swap using photoshop editor online

Face swap has gained great attention for basically any person with a smartphone lately, unfortunately the snapchat’s faceswap¬†filter is not really flexible, it does not allow you to simply swap with a random object or let’s say a dog, you cannot select how much of the face you want to swap, maybe you only want to swap the eyes or the nose, and you can’t correct it if it doesn’t fit well.

With photoshopeditoronline.com you can face swap as well, but with the difference that you can perform all this modifications. Just select the item you want to swap with your face and place it in your face and pick the overlay method for mixing. Repeat the process, but the second time select your face and place it wherever you want it to be overlayed.

Photoshopeditoronline.com can achieve the same effect as snapchat’s face swap but with the difference that it gives you much more flexibility, also it takes a little bit more of time to do it.