Online tools for photo editing

Nowadays several tools exist in the web to edit your photos, so we took the time to review some of them, we picked some of our favorite ones and we list them below:

  1. If what you like is applying filters on your photos and don’t feel like having any trouble, in you’ll be able to do just that. You can pick among a ton of different filters and transformations, select some simple parameters and there you have it, you modified image without doing much effort. Plus it features a photo combiner which is pretty cool.
  2. Somewhat similar to but it is mobile enhanced. You can now have all the power of this image editor in your cellphone. It has all the quick share buttons, so you can easily share you content to your social networks.
  3. A powerful tool with a Poisson equation solver engine working on the back, it allows you to merge photos seamlessly, and it is beautifully designed with jquery in a fashion it almost feels like a desktop app. If you like face swap and some other snapchats, this is your way to go.

Whatever you pick, they are all good options and perform different transformations so we encourage you to go ahead and try them all. Have fun.

Editor de fotos

Recientemente se creo un nuevo editor de fotos y nos dimos a la tarea de realizar un reseña de sus caracteristicas.

El editor es bastante bueno, tiene mas de 100 efectos divertidos para fotos y algunos complejos, entre ellos:

  • Convertir una imagen a un bosquejo a lapiz
  • Posterizar tus fotos
  • Implosionar y explisonar una foto para dar el efecto de cara de pescado y ponerte una narizota
  • Difuminar una imagen
  • Resaltar bordes
  • Cambiar tu foto a una imagen dibujada con carbon
  • Realzar tus fotos
  • Convertir a pintura de olio
  • Acentuar detalles
  • Girar horizontal y verticalmente
  • Realizar un espejo con tu foto
  • Aumentar el contraste
  • Convertir a negativo. Como en los rollo de fotos antiguos
  • Cambiar el espacio de color de la fotografia
  • Promediarla o mezclarla con otra foto
  • Convertirla en una foto de fuego, agua o arena
  • Añadir llamas a tus fotos
  • Convertir tus fotos a caricatura
  • Rotarlas en 3D
  • Hacer algunos ajustes similares a photoshop
  • Añadir brillo
  • Convertir a imagen tomada con ojos de pescado
  • Convertir a kaleidoscopio

Tambien cuenta con un creador de gifs animados y algunas otras animaciones gif, el creador de gifs animados te permite pegar las imagenes que desees en secuencia y se reproduce repetidamente, no hay limite para el numero de imagenes que puedes pegar siempre y cuando sean en grupos de 10 a la vez maximo.

Cuenta con una funcion que te permite combinar dos imagenes con diversos metodos disponibles creando increibles fotografias. El combinador de fotos es de hecho una de nuestra funciones favoritas.

Cuenta con algunas otras funciones como fitros basados en los filtros mas comunes de instragram y un creador de fotomontajes, los cuales se incluiran en la siguiente reseña.

Por lo pronto este editor de fotos se ve bastante prometedor y nos ha dejado con un buen sabor de boca, es un muy entretenido y no te cansas de probar todos sus efectos. Tambien es importante mencionar su facilidad de uso, unicamente subes una foto y comienzas a cambiar entre todos los filtros y puedes ir viendo los resultados sobre tu foto.

Photo mirror effect

Photo mirror effect is a photo effect that’s been widely used lately to post photos in the social networks. For some reason people suddenly found this effect attractive. But it has long existed, features this effect in two versions along it’s other effects, these two versions are the vertical mirror effect and the horizontal mirror effect.

The mirror effect is actually one of the simplest effects, nevertheless, it is useful to use a photo editor to achieve it due to various reasons. First of all, probably you were thinking, I could just copy the photo with paint, paste it at the bottom and that’s it, wrong! It may be simply, but, come on, it’s not that simple. Actually mirroring a photo isn’t very hard, but maybe you won’t get the same resulting image a photo editor online would get. That is because you may have not considered some other issues, like the distance you have to leave in between the images, the bottom image may not be an exact match of the upper one, it may have a water like effect, a blur, or just a reduction in illumination. Also you should be very careful in aligning them perfectly well, otherwise it’ll look weird, even if is by one pixel of misalignment.

So, it is actually not so easy to create a mirror effect as you can see. But don’t worry you don’t have to becuase already features one, just go to their effects selection and click on mirror effect, upload your photo and there you have it, a mirrored effect photo in just seconds, without going through all the trouble of matching photos horizontally or vertically.

photoshop online
Photo mirror effect

Photo threshold effect

One of the not so common effects you can apply to your photos is the threshold effect. This effect works the following way:

In the photo threshold effect all the pixels with color values lower than a defined threshold (which you define) will be changed to another defined color (which you define as well) creating an interesting effect. Commonly all the pixels that satisfy this condition usually are gather in the same place or belong to the same region, even this region is not closed, this way what will happen is that some of the homogeneous regions in the image will be switched to the color of your selection.

There’s also a black threshold effect and white threshold effect, which basically do a similar thing as described above, but the new pixels are mapped to black or white depending on the effect.

For example the next photo was thresholded (filtered) with a red filter