Photoshop in 3 simple steps

As an alternative to the traditional photoshop, a website has been created named which allows you to perform advanced task in a few simple steps. The downfall is that you don’t have all the tools and flexibility that photoshop has, but it allows you to perform some merging in images in a very simple way:

  1. First go to, we encourage you to hit the like button if you like the app. Then click the start editing button
  2. Then upload the two images you want to merge and select the area you want to merge in both, the origin and destination images.
  3. Place the cropped area in it’s new location and hit done. Finally just pick the merging method and wait a little bit until the merging algorithm is done.

And there you have it! Your merged images seamlessly in a few simple steps just like photoshop.

Face swap using photoshop editor online

Face swap has gained great attention for basically any person with a smartphone lately, unfortunately the snapchat’s faceswap filter is not really flexible, it does not allow you to simply swap with a random object or let’s say a dog, you cannot select how much of the face you want to swap, maybe you only want to swap the eyes or the nose, and you can’t correct it if it doesn’t fit well.

With you can face swap as well, but with the difference that you can perform all this modifications. Just select the item you want to swap with your face and place it in your face and pick the overlay method for mixing. Repeat the process, but the second time select your face and place it wherever you want it to be overlayed. can achieve the same effect as snapchat’s face swap but with the difference that it gives you much more flexibility, also it takes a little bit more of time to do it.

Photoshop editor online

In this section of photo editors reviews that we have started, we introduce a brilliant editor “photoshop editor online“. es beautifully designed to work for PCs and cellphones, it’s simplicity is the key through the photoshop editing process. It is powered by a powerful algorithm that allows you to photoshop your photos in two different ways:

1. First you get the overlay option, which allows you to insert a chunk of a photo over another one seamlessly, it combines the colors of both images but keeping the main features, that way it looks natural, like the were actually taken like that. With this tool you can photoshop yourself with celebrities, photoshop yourself into a picture or scene or switch someone’s face with yours.

2. The second option allows you to combine the features of both images, that way you can upload a picture and add additional features to it. For example you can draw yourself a tattoo, or a halo, a mask, a skull and several other examples shown in their homepage.

The tool to select the desired region in the front (source) image works great, and the tool to manipulate the selected region allows you to rotate, shift and scale this region onto the background (destination) image.

Anybody can create astonishing pictures now without any knowledge on photoshop just by having the idea, a web browser and no more than 2 minutes.

So if you ever wonder how to photoshop someone into a picture?, this website is the answer.

Because of the achievement of this website as an alternative to photoshop, we rate it 10/10.

How to photoshop someone into a picture

Handling photoshop is an art nowadays, where some are plain gods while many of us are not prominent at all. But thanks to the heavens a new website allows us to do just the same without much effort. This website is

This website allows you to upload a picture, grab an area and crop it and then insert it into another picture naturally, you can resize, move and rotate the image as you desire to make it look more natural. The selection tool is really nice, giving you a lot of flexibility to select irregular figures.

To photoshop someone into a picture just follow the following steps:

1. Go to and click start editing

2. Upload the photo of the person as the front image and the scene where you want to inset him/her as the background image

3. Grab the person(s) you want to photoshop. Try to grab them as tight as possible, to avoid including anything else in the final image. Click Done

4. Move the mask wherever you want to insert the person and scale it to fit right. Then Click Finish

5. Finally select the overlay button. We select this button becuase we don’t want to keep what’s beneath the person (the background).

6. Wait a few seconds and get your photoshoped picture, just click download or share on facebook

Photoshop mobile. The website is responsive, meaning it works on cellphones, tablets, and mobile devices as well!

How to photoshop faces

Photoshop is such a fun tool when it comes to toying with people’s faces. In this tutorial we show you how to switch your face with someone else. The process is fairly simple, and it only takes about 2 minutes. First go to the photoshop editor online at this link

Then choose the photo when you want to crop your face and the photo where you are going to insert it. Note: it can be two regular photos, you don’t need to crop the face from the new frame, since the website will remove it automatically.

Third, move the red markers to completly select the face you want to photoshop. Note: try to select it as closely as posible. Click Done

Fourth, drag the selected region to the place where you want to insert it, rotate it a little bit to match the head of the person exactly. Note: try not to place any piece outside of the head, because the new face will mix with the background. Click finish.

Fifth, select the option overlay to remove the old face and replace it with the new one.

Finally, get your face photoshoped in a new body, just click download or share on facebook. Enjoy

How to photoshop a picture

Photoshop has become such a huge tool to fix and edit your images, nevertheless it has become very comlex as well. Sometime you may have an idea of something you want to photoshop but you don’t know how to it, so watch a tutorial on youtube and it turns out not to be as easy like the video, and the results are not so good. So you end up asking someone to do it for you becuase you are not convinced with the results.

Well, forget about that, if you have an idea it should be such a hard to task to do all that, after all you are going to do it once every now and then, so you shouln’t need to become an expert at photoshop. Now you can photoshop your pictures in just a matter of seconds with

All you need to do is upload two images, select the area that you want to photoshop in the source picture, drag that area to it’s new location on the new image and release it. Then select what would you like to do with the background, whether you want to completle remove it or combine it with the new image.

Click Finish and download your new picture photoshop without any effort. So worry no more about learning photoshop with photoshop editor online

How to photoshop a photo

The most obvious answer to the question, how to photoshop a photo? it’s clearly: use photoshop! we know that. BUT we are also aware that it is expensive (unless you want to download it craked, which is wrong) and it’s also not so easy to learn. Even more considering that you may want to photoshop a photo only once in while. So maybe it’s not worth the inverstment nor the time.

Looking at it, you may still have some options. You could ask a friend to do it for you, although it can’t be often, maybe once or twice, and that considering he’s not a pro, because if he is, friends or not, he should charge you, after all, that’s what he/she does for living. The other option you have is ask someone in the internet to kindly do it for you, but you may end up in a mess like the guy from: can someone photoshop the sun between my fingers?

And you have a third altenative: use another program. That’s actually the one we wanted to mention in this post. Recently it was launched a photoshop editor online (at this link) which does not precisely allow you to do all the things that you can do in photoshop or pixlr, so don’t get confused, but it is certainly powerful and easier to use. We already said what this website doesn’t allow you to do, but what can you do with it then? Well, you can upload a picture, select a chunk of it that you would like to insert into another picture, crop it, move it freely, resize it and paste it over the new picture that you want. Here is where the magick comes, the website pastes it in a seamlessly way, that is, it will make it look natural, like it was part of the original image. Actually what it does is try to match the colors on both pictures but keeping the borders, so as a result your inserted chunk will look like the color from the background was dragged inside with your finger.

You can either do that or select a second option offered by the website, which allows you to completly mix both images, keeping the details of both images but with the color of the background.

Either way, the results are impressive and you cannot say it was expensive neither as hard or time consuming as it would’ve been with photoshop or pixlr. And you certainly did by yourself.

So stop bother about learning all that complex tricks, maybe you task is as simple as cutting and pasting and you are breaking your head when will solve it immediatly,

Photoshop online

Have you ever tried to photoshop a picture? If the answer is yes, then I supposed are familiar the trouble involved, from purchasing the license (or borrowing it) to install it, go through the tutorials, and well… photoshop it , without fogetting to mention lots of frustation involve.

But what if you knew that you could photoshop your photos online for free without going through all the trouble of learning what every single tool is for? Well actually you can, is a website that allows you to do just that. is backed by a similar algorithm to the one of photoshop, but a lot easier to use, completly interactive and simple. You may not have all the tools and power that the real photoshop offers, but, who wants that if you can’t use it? Let’s accept it, most of us are plain dummy users who just want to perform some simple changes to our photos, maybe insert someone into a picture, switch faces and stuff like that. That’s where this website comes to the rescue. The interface is completly graphical and interactive, just follows some simples steps clearly explained and get your photos photoshopped in just a couple of minutes.

Photoshop one photo into another one

If you are planning to photoshop two photos into a new one, or grab a part of a photo and photoshop it into a another one, maybe your best option would be to use

What this website allows you to do is, grab a part of a photo, it can be any irregular form, and then move it to fit into your background photo. The interesting part comes here, you can either select the option of overlay or mix the region you selected. Either option fires the algorithm laying behind this website which copies the region but eliminating the high changes in color, brightness and reducing the contrast, this will the copied part will look like it belong to the original scene, even if is a dinosaur in your house, although I think people’s common sense can tell it doesn’t (I hope).

How to use photoshop editor

Tutorial on how to use photoshop editor.

Photoshop editor online is a free, quick and easy to use photo editor that allows you to combine two photos like they were combined using photoshop, but way faster, easier and as I mentioned before is free. was designed having in mind that sometimes you may want to get a part from a photo or image and blend it into another photo seamlessly but without getting into all that trouble of getting photoshop, learning how to use, etc… After all, all you want to do is such a common task so there should be a more automatic way to do it. Well at photoeditoronline we are working precisely on that and taking it to common user level.

To work with photoshop editor online you only need to follow 4 simple steps, which we’ll mention:

  1. Obviously go to using your web browser. Once you’re there you should see the homepage, which is a screen like this:
  2. Click the green button that says “start editing”. Upload the two photos you are going to use, one of them is called front, this is the photo where you are going to crop the region you want to photoshop into the second image called background. In other words, the region you crop from the front image will be placed into the background image.
  3. Select the region you want to crop, you must be as precise as possible to avoid adding undesired things in the result. The selection tool was well designed, it is very flexible allowing you to select all kind of irregular shapes
  4. Drag the region into the desired placed, rotated it and scale it to fit exactly the shape in your background image and click finish. Finally select the overlay button if you want to completly remove the background, this will paste the region keeping the color of the background but the details of the front. Or select the mix button if you want to keep the color of the background, but the details of both images. In this case we are going to select overlay

finished photoshopped image

  1. Finally download the edited photo to your computer and share with your friends on facebook :)

    Thanks for reading