Pure VPN review

VPNs have become essential for most people because they are the best way to protect your privacy and keep your information safe. If you want to surf the web, enjoy online games and TV streaming in any network (even outside your home) without compromising your data, you need to start using a VPN. PureVPN is one of the top choices for people that are looking for VPN services to enhance their security online while they enjoy unrestricted access to content from websites like YouTube, Hulu or Netflix from any country.

PureVPN’s website offers a huge deal of information but it is easy to navigate and includes useful tutorials on how to use the service in different devices.  The most important details about their packages and services are explained in a clear and concise manner.  Here is an overview of what PureVPN has to offer to their customers:

Servers location

PureVPN counts with over 50 servers in 15 countries, including  Ireland, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Switzerland, Latvia and Malaysia. With PureVPN you can switch between different locations, which means that you can access content from anywhere in the world. If you are living abroad and miss your favourite shows from home or if you want to enjoy multi-player games online without any geo location restrictions, PureVPN is a must have service.

Supported OS and Devices

You can use PureVPN with all the main OS including Windows, Mac and Linux. PureVPN is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, tablets and android devices. Their website provides detailed instructions and tutorials that will show you how to launch the service on practically every device.


PureVPN supports PPTP and L2PT/IPSec, as well as SSTP, which is a highly secure protocol. They are also compatible with OpenVPN.


They offer corporate and personal plans.  In the personal plans you have the option to subscribe for 1 month ( $9.95 USD), 6 months ($44.95) and 12 months ($49.95 USD). Every plan offers you all the fantastic features that VPN has to offer (such as an extensive coverage of countries and protocols) and you save money in every case but the Yearly plan (12 months) offers you a massive saving of 65%. The speed offered is fast and consistent so you will have no issues streaming content online.

Customer Support

Creating a great customer experience is a priority for PureVPN and their support team is outstanding. They are knowledgeable, helpful and competent. You can contact them using their Live Chat, which is available 24/7 throughout the whole year. They are also available via Support Ticket System, Email or look up for useful information and answers to the most popular questions in their forum.


We were very satisfied with the features and great performance of PureVPN. They are without a doubt, one of the best VPN providers in the market and their excellent customer support is always available to help you out with any queries. However, if you are concerned about the legislation in your country regarding accessing certain  websites, you may want to keep in mind that their service is not 100% confidential, which means that even though they will not release information about your account (unless required by law), they may log your data. Still, PureVPN is an excellent option for anyone that is looking for a trustable, fast and safe VPN provider.

Private Internet Access review

It does not matter how you use internet, there are many good reasons to make VPNs an essential part of your online navigation settings. VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are not only useful to keep your information protected from online attackers but also to obtain access to content and social media websites regardless of geo location restrictions. This is possible thanks to the fact that VPNs masks your IP and encrypts your data so your activity on internet cannot be deciphered and is protected from prying eyes.  Using a VPN has become a must nowadays and when you are looking for a VPN provider, one of the options that you will come across is Private Internet Access.  The company is based in the United States and they offer a very advanced level of services that ensure the security of your information. Their VPN client is simple to use and their speed connection is very satisfying.

Servers location

Private Internet Access has a large network of servers located in 9 countries, including Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States, where you can choose amongst different locations. They  offer a dynamic IP without additional charge, which means that they give you the possibility of changing your IP address whenever you want to. This give you more options to surf internet freely and to be able to watch videos or live TV online, even if the content is restricted in your country.

Supported OS and Devices

Private Internet access supports Windows (including Vista, Windows 7/8 and XP versions) Mac OS X (10.4 to 10.8), as well as Linux. They are compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android devices and of course, with laptop and desktop computes.


With Private Internet Access you can use multiple VPN technologies such as PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. These range of protocols give users more options to use VPN services in their mobile devices.


Private Internet Access stands out for the convenience of their prices. Their monthly plan costs only $6.95 USD and for six months you would pay just $35.95 (which would be just $5.99 USD per month).  You can get the greatest savings by subscribing to their yearly plan for an incredible $39.95, which means that each month would cost as little as $3.33, making them one of the most affordable VPN providers in the market.

Customer Support

This is an area in which Private Internet Access truly delivers, showing that even if you pay less for your VPN services, it does not mean that you will get a less reliable customer support. Contacting their customer service team is a good experience thanks to their helpfulness and skills. You can interact with them via email, ticket support and social media channels.


Private Internet Access’ low price is one of their most appealing quality but their customer support and easy to use service, also need to be highlighted. One of their downsides is the lack of a free trial but since their prices are so convenient, this should not be a major issue. Besides, the company has a no logging policy which is a decisive aspects for many people as it means that your privacy is truly protected.

Free2Surf VPN review

There are many instances in which connecting to internet is a must and even if we are not using a secure connection, we may require to send important information via email or to access sensitive content such as our bank account details. In situations like these, we should aim for security and the best way to guarantee that we can enjoy it, is using a VPN. Even though Virtual Private Networks are very popular nowadays, there are still many people that are not sure how to use them and that may see them as a complicated technology. For many users, it is unclear what features are necessary to ensure that they can enjoy all the benefits of a VPN and others ignore the technical requirements that should be met in order to get the most out of a VPN service. This is why ease to use, features and compatibility are aspects that VPN providers highlight when they describe their service. Free2Surf is a company with offices in El Salvador and the United States and it is clear that they are focused on providing a service that meets all the criteria that users would look for in a VPN. Let’s take a look at what Free2Surf has to offer.

Servers Location

Free2Surf counts with servers in 15 countries and they are set to add more locations for their customers. At the moment, you can select servers in countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Panama, Netherlands, United States and United Kingdom. Changing your IP address is simple and you can do it whenever you wish. You can select the country and city that you want when you want to switch.  Even though the company has a very straightforward no logging policy and state that they cannot see your activity and that all they can keep track of is the time you spend online, they do make it clear that they do not condone any illegal activity.

Supported OS, Protocols and Devices

You can use Free2Surf with Operating Systems such as Windows (XP, 7,8, etc), Mac, Linux, as well as Android systems and iOS. In terms of protocols, they support OpenVPN (with a highly secure 1024 bit encryption), PPTP and L2TP. The devices supported include smartphones, laptops, iPad, iPhone and more. Bear in mind that even though their VPN client can be used with Blackberry, there is only limited support for it.


They offer four plans, starting with a daily plan for just $1.50 USD. This is more intended as a test plan that will allow you to try their service before setting up a longer subscription. The next option is a monthly plan that costs only $4.99. You can also set up a subscription for 6 months and pay $29 USD or pay $55 USD for their yearly plan. All the packages give you access to all their servers as well as unlimited usage and speed. Free2Surf also has a 7 day money back guarantee that covers all their plans, except the daily one.

Customer Support

This is an area in which Free2Surf was lacking in the past because their service was not easy to reach and took ages to respond and even though they have improved substantially, they still have to work on it. Their customer support service is available 24/7 but when we tried to contact them we were unable to get a response. We also contacted them through ticket support and even though it took a while, their team was helpful and polite.  The company is in a process of expanding their work force so hopefully this would result in a better and more efficient service. There is not a vast amount of information on their website but you can find set up guides for most devices and operating systems. Their FAQ section is simple and brief but it does refer to some of the main aspects of their service.


Free2Surf attempts to offer a complete, simple and affordable service and even though their prices are very convenient and they have an easy to set up service, there are still many areas they need to address in order to become a top VPN provider. The fact that they are trying to get their act together to earn a place amongst the leading VPN services in the industry, should be recognized, along with their aim to offer a simple and clear privacy policy that will not cause any confusion for their customers. Their service may not be as impressive as what you get with the major VPN providers but since you can avail of their daily plan for just $1.50 and test their service, they are worth a try.

NordVPN review

NordVPN – the safest out there?

Many users are still unaware of the fact that their Internet Service Provider (ISP) can monitor their online communications and keep track of the websites that they visit. Furthermore, since internet is a public network it can be accessed by anyone, meaning that apart from your ISP, your data could potentially be exposed to other users (people that hack your connection), large companies and of course governmental organizations. Luckily there is a way to protect your privacy online and that is using a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that creates a secure, private connection within internet allowing you to access all the websites and applications that you normally use but without being monitored or controlled by third parties. When you use a VPN, all your data is encrypted, which means that not even your ISP will be able to see what you do online.

There is a wide offer of companies that offer VPN services and one of the options would be NordVPN. NordVPN is VPN that is based in Panama which means that it operates under the jurisdiction of Panama and that means an extra layer of security. The team behind NordVPN is no newcomer in internet security as such they created and manage every aspect of NordVPN to offer their customers a secure, cost friendly, easy to use and high technology VPN solution. They are definitely one of the best VPN providers in the market right now. Want to know why? Then let’s look more into their service.

Servers Location

NordVPN hosts servers in 17 countries and are growing regularly. Just to name a few are – Sweden, Canada, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Russia so they got it covered quite well. Also they have a free proxy list that contains of up to 3000 free proxies.

Network Status & Speed

Most of the time the servers aren’t too populated and so connecting to them shouldn’t be a problem. Also the server status can be checked from their website.

Speed was quite decent in most of our tests. Nothing too fancy, but decent nonetheless. We reached 10 Mbps on average in most of our tests, peaking at 30 Mbps with the high bandwidth server. NordVPN itself advertises 100 Mbps connection and I believe that is with the high bandwith server but unfortunately we didn’t reach those speeds.

Unfortunately we didn’t capture the high bandwidth screenshot and unfortunately we couldn’t replicate the same results again and such as no picture of that. That somewhat shows the fluctuation of the download speeds. Also the speeds over UDP were no good at all for us.

Supported OS, Devices and Protocols

Here is where NordVPN comes to life – they support all of the main OS’es – Windows from XP to W8, Linux, Mac OS X and You can also use it with Android, iOS Routers and WM. Also they have wonderful tutorials about almost all of them and even with different protocols so even the most stranger person to PC’s could use their service without a hiccup.

Almost all servers can be used with major VPN protocols such as L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN which supports boh UDP and TCP. Although IP addresses are normally dynamic, NordVPN will sort out a static IP for those who require one and torrent users will also be happy because NordVPN supports torrenting. There are also some special servers such as Double VPN Server that routes traffic at least through two hops in where the traffic is encrypted with two layers of cipher AES-256-CBC encryption. And the connections are mixed between TCP and UDP which also increases security. Also the Tor over VPN solution is available and that means another layer of security. Also it is a wonderful solution for those who can’t connect directly to Tor because of ISP restrictions.

Also a great benefit would be the possibility to connect 2 devices simultaneously with one account either with computer or phone. And on top of that NordVPN provides Encrypted Chat, Secret Notes, Chrome Proxy Extension and more for free.


Quite recently NordVPN developed their own program for connecting to their servers. It definitely has to be one of the strong points of NordVPN. It also has a few but quite handy extra options, such as kill switch.

As of right now it is only available to Window but hopefully soon we’ll also see it on other OS’es.

Plans & Pricing

NordVPN offers a simple ‘all-in one’ pricing plan of €8 (approx. $11) per month, with discounts for bulk purchases. And there are 4 options of them – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. It is also glad to hear that they offer a free trial so users can get a hunch about their services.

It is a bit pricier than most of the other VPN providers but for all of that You will get an rock solid solution.

Customer Support

The website has an extensive knowledge base in which you are very likely to find the solution to your query. But if you need to contact their support team, you can do it by email or by Live Chat. Unfortunately at the time of review the Live Chat was offline but contacting through email was very pleasant – responds were friendly, heplful and fast, variating from 30 minutes to few hours.


Well after all with VPN’s it boils down to security. Are the encryption’s safe, what about the logs? What if a VPN provider gets a notice from a federal agency stating they want all the information, logs and so forth about You? Well I’ll tell you one thing – You don’t need do worry about any of that with NordVPN. After all like the title states NordVPN is probably the safest VPN out there right now I have came across.

The encryptions they use are rock solid – L2TP/IPSec it is AES-256. For OpenVPN – 2048 bit SSL encryption. PPTP uses MPPE-128 encryption. But usually it isn’t about the encryption because it’s mathematics and NSA can’t just come and crack an AES-256, at least not in a long time. But what they can do is send a DMCA notice or a court order about revealing their service user. But because NordVPN operate under the jurisdiction of Panama and there is no data retention law in Panama hence they are allowed not to keep logs legally. So as such they do not keep any logs – no traffic logs, no timestamps, nothing. All of their logs are pointed directly to /dev/null. Also there aren’t any kind of monitoring taking place and all of the servers are ran solely on memory. And did I already mention the possibility of paying with Bitcoin?

Of course there is no such thing as completely secure system in the world but NordVPN has nailed quite near to that.


We liked

  • Probably the most secure solution of all the VPN’s out there right now
  • NordVPN’s own developed handy and user-friendly program
  • Tor over VPN
  • A neat but informative homepage
  • Multi-platform and protocol ability

We didn’t like

  • A bit pricey without buying bulk
  • A little bit fluctuating speeds

With rock-solid privacy and their overall policy, NordVPN starts off on the right foot with us. The biggest step back would be the mixed results of download speeds but hopefully we’ll see some improvement also in there. Other than that the first impression of NordVPN was fantastic. There are few VPN providers who take security and user privacy as seriously as do they. That’s why after all said and done they’ll get a big thumbs up from us.

Author – Johannes Tammekänd

AirVPN review

VPNs are becoming more and more prominent, as the internet is becoming less secure. Many avid internet users utilize VPNs in order to connect to the internet safely. However, finding the right type of company that offers VPN services can be fairly daunting. AirVPN, is one such carrier, that offers virtual private network connection services.

AirVPN highlights three apparent reasons why users should consider utilizing their services. First and foremost, users are able to surf the web anonymously. Internet users are able to hide their IP addresses, without their information being displayed online, for hackers to obtain and infiltrate. Users do not have to worry about their internet activities being monitored, and they are able to connect over various connection types.

The different connection sites that are supported by AirVPN are OpenVPN over SSL channels, as well as OpenVPN over SSH channels. Users are able to keep their information protected while online, because AirVPN utilizes high encryption levels. The encryption levels utilized by AirVPN are HMAC SHA1 controlling channels, 4096 bit RSA key sizes, along with AES-256-CBC data channels.

Censorship has become one of the primary reasons why VPNs have increased in popularity. With governments all over the world placing restrictions on the way that the internet can be used in their countries, many average day people are making every attempt to rebel against what the government believes that they should or should not be able to view. In the United States, censorship is a violation of the first amendment, but this does not stop the government from trying to filter materials in the states either.

VPNs allow users to get past restrictions that have been placed on certain sites. All protocols are enabled for users to be able to utilize the internet, the way that it should be, without any censors, and without any entity telling users where they can and cannot go. AirVPN offers geolocation routing, along with port forwarding.

What does this mean to users? This means that any service that a user wants to view is able to be viewed, without any interruptions. Geolocation routing enables users to be able to bypass all discriminations that are based on the locations where certain people reside. With so many VPN carriers popping up across the net, it is important to choose your carrier wisely. Why should you choose AirVPN? Well, there are a lot of reasons that the site outlines as to why their services are superior to others.

All users are given three connections that they can simultaneously connect with. There are no traffic limits, and there are no maximum speed limits either. This allows users to be able to utilize the VPN service whenever and for however long they desire. There are no protocol restrictions, AirVPN welcomes every type of protocol, along with one protocol that many VPN services are against, which are p2p protocols.

Users are also allowed to choose various membership options. Users can choose to use the service for three days, one month, three months, six months, or a year. This way, you never have to feel like you are obligated to remain with AirVPN.

VPNTunnel review

The fact that our ISP (Internet service providers) can snoop after us, monitor our online doings by either watching our communications, tracking the websites we visit and so on doesn’t sound so appealing to me. Also because Internet is like one big honeypot then there are all kinds of bees wanting the best of it, so apart from Your ISP there might crackers, government agencies, large companies and so on who might be interested of your online activities and data. But there is one really big and angry mother bee that You should be aware of – CISA, a bill that would obsolete pretty much any kind of privacy online, we also covered it in a topic here.

But there is still hope and that’s called VPN – protecting Your privacy online with a VPN is one of the best solutions nowadays that is out there. Pretty much a VPN is a Virtual Private network that creates a secure, private tunnel between You and the end destination where your data and packets flow. As such all the third parties and ISP’s are left scratching their heads wondering what are You doing online. This is all achieved by encrypting all of your data by the VPN provider. There are even more benefits such as bypassing country based restrictions etc.

Because people are starting to take their privacy even more and more seriously then the VPN market is expanding with every day and one of the options would be VPNTunnel. VPNTunnel is a VPN provider that is based in Sweden. I can’t say too much about Sweden jurisdiction regarding to VPN but they clearly state they don’t store any traffic logs what is pretty much de facto standard nowadays if you wan’t a safe and sound VPN. At first glimpse they look like a really professional and safe VPN provider, so are they worth your money? Lets find out!

Server Locations

VPNTunnel hosts servers in 5 countries, well not the best selection but hopefully we’ll see some additions in the time to come. The servers are located in – Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Luxembourg. They also have a web browser pased proxy service which you can use, located in the control panel.

Network Status & Speed

VPNTunnel doesn’t restrict the bandwidth usage and that is a huge plus. They clearly state that their servers are connected to a 10Gbps uplink so the browsing experience should be quite nice.

VPNTunnel also supports P2P so for torrent friends is a good thing to hear because whenever a need comes you can easily download torrents with VPNTunnel and because there are no network bandwidth restrictions it isn’t a concern.

Supported OS, Devices and Protocols

Now this where VPNTunnel shines – they support pretty much all of the main operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS & Android. But supporting them is one thing but having all the tutorials also for them and with different protocols is a huge plus.

On the protocol side they are also equipped quite well:

  • PPTP – Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
  • OpenVPN – Windows, Mac, Linux

But not seeing L2TP is quite a surprise considering the old and somewhat unsecure PPTP is supported and L2TP is not. Unfortunately there aren’t any information about setting a static IP but I guess the last one could be set by contacting the provider. Otherwise the servers are quite straight forwarded and nothing too special or fancy such as Tor or double VPN servers.

Although you can connect various devices to your VPN tunnel. The limitation and a huge drawback is that you can only have one device connected at a time. To have more than one device connected at the same time, you will need a corresponding number of accounts.


VPNTunnel have a their own app for Windows for connecting to their services, but it seems to be a fork of OpenVPN and as such it doesn’t look to be too polished but more or less it does it’s job quite well. It even has some handy options such as kill switch.

As of right now it’s available only to Windows but that’s not a big deal, rather I’d like to see some more development put into it.

Plans & Pricing

VPNTunnel offers quite straight forwarded ‘all-in one’ pricing plan of €9.99 (approx. $13.6) per month. Luckily there are discounts for bulk orders – 3 months are  €6.66 per month and if you order the service for 12 months you get it for a whopping  €2.99 per month.

Unfortunately I didn’t see any offers for free trial and offering by 1 month the price is really crispy but if you know the VPNTunnel is for you then going for the 12 month package quite a deal.

Customer support

The website has got covered the basics and most of the important information quite well. Although it is missing some things and it’s not as good as many of the competitors ones.

Unfortunately no live chat is provided by VPNTunnel and pretty much only way of communicating with them is by their contact form or by email, there is also some talk about an elusive forum in their website which at least I couldn’t find. At least I’ve heard that the staff is friendly and overall competence is quite high.


The whole concept of VPN’s are to provide security and anonymity to their users by encrypting their data and hiding their real IP addresses. So one of the most important things to keep an eye, when purchasing a VPN, is their security in mind.

To tell You the truth I didn’t find any information about the encryptions that are used whatsoever so that’s somewhat a bummer because I really don’t like buying a pig in a bag.

At least what they have got right is their no logs policy but that is also with a niche, no logging are provided in the following countries:

  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Romania
  • Russia

Connecting to other servers leads to storing of ip and timestamp logs of when you login and logout of their service for 30 days. Luckily they don’t monitor any kinds of traffic, at least that’s what they say.


We liked

  • A good price for the 12-month package
  • Their own developed client
  • No logs policy
  • Multi-platform ability
  • A neat website

We didn’t like

  • Too pricey when ordering less than bulk
  • No information about encryption used
  • No live chat
  • No support for L2TP
  • As a whole looks a little bit incomplete

All said and done VPNTunnel is a friendly VPN provider that accepts user privacy and keeps no logs or monitors user traffic. Although there is some quite crucial information missing from their website they are still offering a good and solid service. Hopefully in the future we’ll see some more information in their website and a few added servers also.


People are starting to take their privacy even more and more seriously when it comes to internet browsing, the VPN market is expanding with every day and one of the options is Anonine VPN. Anonine is a Sweden based VPN provider. They are in business already from 2009 so the quality should be guaranteed but we will find that out real soon.

Server Location

Anonine is a little bit different from the rest on that aspect – they only offer one VPN server and that’s located in Sweden. So if you need an USA IP then Anonine isn’t probablt the best choiche for you. But because of that restriction they offer some other goodies.

Network Status & Speed

A huge plus is that Anonine offers unlimited bandwidth to their users so and hasn’t chosen to impose any network restrictions on any plans. That means that users can enjoy streaming movies, downloading, etc, without worrying about hitting monthly limits.

The overall browsing speed was quite good and everything was smooth. Also in our testing time there were no disconnections neither which was a good thing.

As you can see the speeds are quite average for Anonine VPN – nothing too special like a high bandwidth server but nothing too shabby either.

Supported OS, Devices and Protocols

Regardless of what device you use Anonine got you covered – Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android. So they support all of the main operating systems and also phones so that’s a good thing to see. Also they have clear cut tutorials with pictures for all of the systems so even the most computer unfriendly people should get the hang of it.

Anonine supports OpenVPN and PPTP so that’s a good thing. But again arises the question where is L2TP? Kinda makes me scratch my head why are VPN providers still considering an outdated and unsecure PPTP over L2TP. The IP’s given out are dynamic but also probably a static one could be given if contacted them. They use 2048-bit encryption for the OpenVPN but unfortunately can’t find any info about PPTP. Also torrenting shouldn’t be a problem for Anonine as the speeds also should do it.

A thing we didn’t see was an ability to use Anonine with multiple devices at the same time – a thing that other competitors offer.


The client used was the default OpenVPN client so no special client has been developed by Anonine. Nothing bad about it as OpenVPN client is a fantastic program, but a little unprofessionalism could be seen when following the tutorial by Anonine, the downloaded OpenVPN client from there didn’t work so we had to download the OpenVPN client from the official website and that did the trick.

Plans & Pricing

As you could see the price is regular considering there is only 1 server location to be chosen from.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided by contact form so no live chat ability for Anonine. But luckily the basics are covered in the FAQ and there are even some troubleshoot guides.


Obviously first thing that comes in mind with VPN’s are security and can they really offer it? As in a world where the demand for anonymity is increasing with every day due to a vast amounts of new and oppressive legislations the integrity of customers and users should be a top priority and luckily that’s what’s in the mind of Anonine also – in order to provide such behavior they do not keep any logs or information about their users so the risk of compromising a user’s integrity shouldn’t be too high.

The encryptions should also be a good to go – 2048-bit SSL for OpenVPN and 128-bit for PPTP. Although it should be noted that the provider is based in Sweden so any DMCA or other notes aren’t looked aside like in Panama or some other places.


We liked

  • A clean and helpful website
  • Steady and over average speeds
  • No logs policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth & P2P allowed

We didn’t like

  • No support for L2TP
  • Only one server location
  • Guides aren’t 100% reliable
  • A little bit pricey considering the features

So the question that comes down is is the Anonine VPN worth your money? I’d say it’s quite an average Joe in terms of VPN providers, not too many fancy features, the speeds can be sufficient but I’d probably take a look at others for the same money.

Boxpn review

In a world where the prying eyes are getting closer and closer to our nowadays lives, like back in the Soviet Union days, counter measures are needed. When considering the fact that 40% of the world uses Internet and most people have their whole lives and businesses there, then sharing all of with crackers, law enforcement, data collecting companies aren’t in most people’s interest. As such the first step needed to be taken would be using a VPN – virtual private network.

Today we are going to take look at one of such VPN providers that’s called Boxpn. Boxpn was established in 1998 and at first it started selling dedicated servers and web hosting and after some time it expanded it’s services also to providing VPN. Their motto is: “Providing you with a fast, stable and secure network while at the same time offering you a remarkably good value for your money.” Today we will put that motto to test and see if it stands it’s place.

Server Locations

Boxpn hosts servers in a whopping 19 countries that makes up to 200+ servers globally. Some of the locations would be: USA, Canda, UK, Panama, Russia, China and so on. So they pretty much have covered most of the continents and most of the most wanted locations.

Network Status & Speed

They state that they are connected directly to the worldwide 220 Gbit high-speed backbone of Softlayer Technologies Inc., PlusServer AG, UK2 Group and iWeb Technologies which should conclude having direct connections to the one of the most reliable providers and one of the largest European and US locations.

Also the unlimited bandwidth feature is welcomed. And another plus would be that they support P2P and torrenting so torrent fans should be pleased with that.

Supported OS, Devices and Protocols

Saying that Boxpn has covered all of the main operating systems would be quite a hoax. Although they support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android then there are no support for Linux. So pretty much that is a bummer because Linux OS’es are getting more popular with time.

The tutorial apartment didn’t shine either – the Android tutorials were for Android 2 & 3 and for iOS they were for iOS 3,4,5 so they are quite outdated. Also there wasn’t even a tutorial for Windows 8, so somewhat of laziness could be seen in that apartment.

Regarding protocols they have it covered quite well – PPTP, L2TP and SSTP are all supported. Although more and more people are moving to OpenVPN so hopefully sometime in the future Boxpn supports it also.

Boxpn also let’s you have 3 simultaneous connections so that’s a positive thing to see.


In software compartment there is nothing special to say – Boxpn uses the default Windows Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Although it’s quite handy and no extra applications are needed, there aren’t any kind of special features such as kill switch and so on.

Plans & Pricing

The plans and pricing are quite straight forwarded – all of the plans have the same packages so pretty much the only thing you should observe is for how long do you need VPN services.

As you can see by buying 1 or 3 month packages they are quite crispy comparing to some other VPN providers, but if you really like Boxpn then the 12-month package is quite good bang-for-the-buck package.

Also Boxpn provides a free trial if you contact them.

Customer Support

Unfortunately there is no option for live support and that’s somewhat a bummer to see because that’s where the most of the world is moving nowadays. Boxpn has a ticket support system – you fill your request, problem and they respond to you, but in our case it took quite some time when asking for a technical question.


Well security is the backbone of any VPN so probably this is the most important thing that should have a thorough look. Are the protocols rock solid, what about logging and so forth?

Boxpn uses a 2048-bit SSTP, so your PPP and L2TP traffic are secure so there shouldn’t be a problem with that. Boxpn also has applied Microsoft TMG to their servers whose purpose is to mitigate the risks coming from the web, basically it acts as a firewall, antivirus and phishing filter.

They also clearly state that they don’t store logs, but unfortunately they don’t specify what kind of logs – data logs, ip logs, timestamps and so forth.


We liked

  • Plenty of servers to choose from
  • Rock solid encryption & Microsoft TMG
  • Good price for bulk
  • No logs policy
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • Support of P2P & torrenting

We didn’t like

  • Quite high price when ordering only 1 or 3 month packages
  • Really outdated and bad tutorials
  • No proprietary software
  • No OpenVPN protocol

With all said and done the Boxvpn is quite an average performer – there are plenty of servers to choose from but because of the overall not so professionalism the experience is somewhat of an average. If you don’t mind a little bit tinkering and you know you need a VPN for 12-months then Boxpn might be the thing for you. Otherwise, for fewer time, there are some better providers out there in the market.

IVPN review

In a world where everything that you do is put under the scrutiny of the government, protecting your sensitive data is important. VPNs are used to safeguard your personal information, from anyone who attempts to peer at it. Government surveillance and snoopers have made the activity of going onto the internet, and performing tasks online an impersonal experience.

You should not have to worry about your personal information being breached. You should not have to be concerned with your family having their information taken from identity thieves and hackers, who want to utilize the information for malicious manners. VPNs can help to ensure that none of these things occur. IVPN is one such service that has set its sights on helping people eliminate data breaches and snooping.

Why Choose IVPN?
According to their site, IVPN stands by the statement that privacy, not the stealing of your personal information through piracy is their personal priority. There are some VPN companies that will make additional profits for their company through renting out their servers and also selling the bandwidth that they have that is supposed to be available for customers, to other companies. All of the activities that individuals perform online are tied directly to the VPNs IP address, not to the users IP address. The site proclaims that no data is saved, during any of their users interactions.

Speeds and Status
All of the servers that IVPN utilizes are deployed utilizing tier-1 multi-gigabit networks. The interfaces are run through gigabit Ethernet interfaces. But, contrary to popular belief the experience that you will encounter while utilizing IVPN is not based upon the maximum output of the servers that the site utilizes. Most users, which span across the United States and Europe, utilize only seventy percent of the bandwidth that is provided to them.

Supported Operating Systems
IVPN supports various operating systems on many different types of devices. Windows, Apple IOS, MAC, and Android operating systems are all supported by IVPN. The software can be downloaded onto computers, tablets, and smartphones. Basically, any item that enables you to go onto the internet can be accessed by utilizing the VPN software that IVPN uses.

Plans and Prices
IVPN allows users to try their software for seven days, before committing. There are no hidden fees that go along with utilizing the service, and users have the ability to cancel their services at any time. There are five different ways that users can pay to use the service. Users can pay for the service on a quarterly basis, which would cost $40. Users can choose to pay for the service annually for $100 per year, bi-annually for $70, monthly for $15, or on a one time basis for $20.

While utilizing the service, users will gain access to multihop technology, which is employed only by IVPN; Paranoid encryption, access to all of the servers that the carrier has, as well as unlimited switching abilities, and no fees to set up the service.

IVPN is a trusted VPN provider. They service over one hundred and fifty countries. They have been operational since 2002, and since being in service, have not had any adverse reviews. On a five star scale, we give IVPN 4 ¾ stars out of 5.


In the past, when the internet first came into existence, no one thought that it would become what it has. People utilize the internet every single day to carry out some of the simplest tasks. From work to play or leisure, the internet has revolutionized modern day society. However, with every positive, there is a negative.

The internet, over the past ten years has been a place of attack. Hackers, snoopers, ID thieves, and the government are doing everything in their power to gain access to your sensitive information. If your information ends up in the hands of the wrong entity, your life could be affected adversely. Ironsocket is a VPN provider whose focus is to help internet users protect themselves from data breaches.

Server Locations
Ironsocket operates on a global VPN platform. It services various continents. Europe, the United States, and Africa are a few of the larger continents that Ironsocket services. All of the virtual private network servers support Peer to Peer sharing, OpenVPN and L2TP.

No Bandwidth Restrictions
Most VPN carriers place bandwidth restrictions against how much bandwidth they allow their users to utilize. However, with Ironsocket, there are no restrictions on the amounts of bandwidth that a user may utilize. As long as a user keeps an active subscription with the site, they are able to use as much bandwidth as they decide to use, in order to download or transmit data.

How Ironsocket VPN Services Work
The Ironsocket platform encrypts user’s connections, by masking the IP addresses that users have. This allows users to log onto whatever site they want, and to browse the internet without any restrictions. The encryption used on the site is AES-256 RSA 2048 encryption. Users can connect to the internet privately and securely, even when utilizing public WiFi networks. Therefore, it is possible to utilize the software, everywhere, on any type of internet capable device.

Supported Operating Systems
Ironsocket has a long list of operating systems that it supports. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are the computer supported operating systems. Android and Apple IOS are supported on tablet and smartphone devices. Any device that is cable of receiving an internet connection can have the VPN software installed onto it.

Pricing and Plans
There are three different plans that users can choose from. These plans are the monthly plan, which costs $6.99 per month; the bi-annual plan, or the six month pricing plan which can be obtained for $35.95, and the annual or yearly plan, which is $49.95 per year. Users are able to receive an additional amount of savings based on the plan that they choose. The services rendered by Ironsocket are given with a seven day money back guarantee, there are no trial periods.

Ironsocket VPN services try to make themselves sound different from other VPN providers. They focus their attention primarily on what people generally utilize the internet for, which is for streaming activities. Activities such as streaming movies from Netflix and Hulu have become extremely popular. However, there are many restrictions placed upon certain areas, VPNs allow users from various countries to be able to access restricted content. We give Ironsocket four out of five stars, due to the fact that there is no trial period for this service.