Photoshop one photo into another one

If you are planning to photoshop two photos into a new one, or grab a part of a photo and photoshop it into a another one, maybe your best option would be to use

What this website allows you to do is, grab a part of a photo, it can be any irregular form, and then move it to fit into your background photo. The interesting part comes here, you can either select the option of overlay or mix the region you selected. Either option fires the algorithm laying behind this website which copies the region but eliminating the high changes in color, brightness and reducing the contrast, this will the copied part will look like it belong to the original scene, even if is a dinosaur in your house, although I think people’s common sense can tell it doesn’t (I hope).

How to use photoshop editor

Tutorial on how to use photoshop editor.

Photoshop editor online is a free, quick and easy to use photo editor that allows you to combine two photos like they were combined using photoshop, but way faster, easier and as I mentioned before is free. was designed having in mind that sometimes you may want to get a part from a photo or image and blend it into another photo seamlessly but without getting into all that trouble of getting photoshop, learning how to use, etc… After all, all you want to do is such a common task so there should be a more automatic way to do it. Well at photoeditoronline we are working precisely on that and taking it to common user level.

To work with photoshop editor online you only need to follow 4 simple steps, which we’ll mention:

  1. Obviously go to using your web browser. Once you’re there you should see the homepage, which is a screen like this:
  2. Click the green button that says “start editing”. Upload the two photos you are going to use, one of them is called front, this is the photo where you are going to crop the region you want to photoshop into the second image called background. In other words, the region you crop from the front image will be placed into the background image.
  3. Select the region you want to crop, you must be as precise as possible to avoid adding undesired things in the result. The selection tool was well designed, it is very flexible allowing you to select all kind of irregular shapes
  4. Drag the region into the desired placed, rotated it and scale it to fit exactly the shape in your background image and click finish. Finally select the overlay button if you want to completly remove the background, this will paste the region keeping the color of the background but the details of the front. Or select the mix button if you want to keep the color of the background, but the details of both images. In this case we are going to select overlay

finished photoshopped image

  1. Finally download the edited photo to your computer and share with your friends on facebook :)

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How to photoshop your photos online

Photoshopping photos has always been such a hard task, even harder if you try to do it online, the web browser based photoshops aren’t as fast as the desktop one, it has less features, and is always a little bit delayed in development compared to the real one.

So using a photoshop editor online sometimes may be such a pain in the ass, but there’s an alternative. This new website, allows you to combine two photos in a photoshop fashion without getting into much trouble, it’s free and saves you most trouble of dealing with complicated tools and small details.

The website allows you to create incredible photos without much effort. It’s interactive and it takes no time to learn how to use it. Among the things you can do with this photoshop editor are photoshop with celebrities, put your face in a frame, photoshop objects in pictures, photoshop old pictures.

Sharpen photo features several ways to sharpen photos, one of them would be to extract the edges and add it to the orignal image, another would be to use for example a lucis art filter, which kinds of sharpens the image, but also apply other effects to the image and finally the sharpen method developed by

How is sharpen done to your photos? The sharpen process consists of two main steps. First all the edges of the photo are computed using what is called a high-pass filter or edges filter. And now you will have an image where only the borders of the photo are displayed, where a white pixel means a high strenght edge and a black pixel means a low stenght edge. Actually if you want to see how an edges image looks like you can also try the edge photo effect. In the second step, the edge image is added to the original image with a simple sum. And that’s it you have a sharpen photo.

The sharpen photo effect is used mostly to beautify photos, because, just as we explained before, it enhances the details of a photo, most photo editors have one, sometimes is called by a different name, but basically this is what it does. In a photo editing process the sharpen effect can be use as a initial step and then some other effects are added to it.

However the sharpen effect is not only used to beautify pictures, it is also used to make blurry photos look clear. Let’s say you took a picture with a low quality camera, or you a trying to zoom an image but it looks pixelized, well you can apply a sharpen effect to improve it’s quality and in the second case you may want to increase the resolution before. Obviously you won’t get an effect like in the detective’s movies where they take a photo from a camera in a parking lot and sharpen it and suddenly they get the face of a person or a license plate, you can’t make any extra information appear out of nowhere. But still you can certainly make it look a little better with the sharpening effect.

Photo mirror effect

Photo mirror effect is a photo effect that’s been widely used lately to post photos in the social networks. For some reason people suddenly found this effect attractive. But it has long existed, features this effect in two versions along it’s other effects, these two versions are the vertical mirror effect and the horizontal mirror effect.

The mirror effect is actually one of the simplest effects, nevertheless, it is useful to use a photo editor to achieve it due to various reasons. First of all, probably you were thinking, I could just copy the photo with paint, paste it at the bottom and that’s it, wrong! It may be simply, but, come on, it’s not that simple. Actually mirroring a photo isn’t very hard, but maybe you won’t get the same resulting image a photo editor online would get. That is because you may have not considered some other issues, like the distance you have to leave in between the images, the bottom image may not be an exact match of the upper one, it may have a water like effect, a blur, or just a reduction in illumination. Also you should be very careful in aligning them perfectly well, otherwise it’ll look weird, even if is by one pixel of misalignment.

So, it is actually not so easy to create a mirror effect as you can see. But don’t worry you don’t have to becuase already features one, just go to their effects selection and click on mirror effect, upload your photo and there you have it, a mirrored effect photo in just seconds, without going through all the trouble of matching photos horizontally or vertically.

photoshop online
Photo mirror effect

Photoshop pictures

What do we mean by photoshop a picture? After all there tons of things “photoshop” can mean, from ajusting illuminance and contrast in a picture, to completely edit it, adding new object to the original picture, removing some objects, creating cool effects. Well, in this tutorial what we are going to cover is how to add objects to the original picture. But for this we are not going to use precisely photoshop, we are going to use an alternative named

Photoshop editor online is web based photo editor focused mainly in adding new objects to pictures in a seamless way. It’s main purpose it’s to keep it is easy and interactive. To photoshop your pictures the first step is obviously going to the website and click start editing in the home page. Then select the picture you want to photoshop and the picture that you are going to use as frame (also called background). For this example we are going to use a regular person (front) and some kind of chakra aura (background).

Then we are going to select the person using the selection tool provided by the website and click crop (it’s the “done” button). Afterwards we are goind to place the cropped area into it’s new position in the background photo, make some rotations and scaling to make it fit. Then click the “Finish” button. And select the mix option.

Actually if have read our past tutorials you may have noticed that this is the first time we use the mix option, so we are going to talk about it a little bit. The mix algorithm combines the details of both pictures, the front and backgound, but keeps the colors of the backgound, making it look natural, if you remember the difference with the overlay option is that the overlay kept the colors af the background as well, but removed the details of the background. The mix options can be useful en many cases, for example adding a tattoo, getting an aura, placing a skull in front of you, adding particles to pictures and more, without lossing the escence of the backgound picture.

So once we get the result, we should get something like this:

photoshop online

tada! We just photoshopped a picture in minutes using the mix option!

How to remove an object in a photo

There are some times when you take a picture you really liked, but there’s something bothering you, maybe an object in the background. So you are thinking how can I remove an object in photoshop?

You can achieve this by using, we’ll explain the process now:

First go to,upload a blank picture as the front and select the picture where you want to remove the object as the background. Then select any part of the blank image with the shape of the object you want to remove and click crop.

Then drag the cropped blank image to the object you want to remove. Say you want to remove a doll from a drawer or a shelf in your bedroom.

We are going to remove one of the figurines from the middle. So we drag the mask over it.

Then we click done and select the overlay option, this way the blank mask will be take the color of the contour but removing the figurine.

Then we click done and select the overlay option, this way the blank mask will be take the color of the contour but removing the figurine.

And voila, we removed an object from a picture like photoshop in no time.

Fotoshop online

Fotoshop has become such a great tool for editing your pictures, and there are some online versions that work fairly well. Fotoshop is a tool that provides you with a ton of tools to edit your pictures practically in any way you want, it’s amazing what some people achieve by using this tool, it’s almost an art. However, it is somewhat hard to use and even more if you are an inexperienced user.

Having that in mind, a fotoshop online has been created. This app allows you to select a chunk of a photo, then cut it and paste it into another photo, but just like it was made using a professional editor, this is due to algorithm that powers it from backscene.

With online fotoshop you can create impressive photos by adding or removing elements or objects from your pictures. It features two modalities, the overlay and the mix options. Both have their advantages, whether you choose one or another will depend on the effect you want to create. If you want to fotoshop an object in a scene, but removing what is behind that object you should use the overlay option. If you want to add an object to a scene but keeping the scene intact, the you can use the mix option.

Online photoshop editor

Photoshop is simply just a beautiful, powerful tool for photo editing, but many times you may not have access to it, mainly due to it’s price. So we made a quick search over the internet to find the closest alternative to photoshop and we found some fairly good editors.

First of all we have pixlr, which basically features and interface almost identical to the real photoshop, it has the same tools and essence. The only turn down is that it is a little bit slow, since the changes you make must be performed in the server side and then sent back to you. Also it is not the same to work in a web browser than in a desktop application, to mention one reason, you have less space.

Another alternative is photoshop editor online, which presents a change of perspective, it doesn’t features the same tools or interface as photoshop, but it is used for the same purpose. You can achieve the same results as photoshop but with less effort and in a more interactive way, you do it by only telling that website what you want it to do, but not how to do it, and website deals with the how.

And basically that’s all there is. Of course there are plenty other websites with the word photoshop on it’s name, but they are nothing but cheap copies of pixlr, no don’t bother in trying them.

How to merge photos

Merging photos is a process which can be done by means of image processing, but as you may imagine, most of us are not image processing specialists, so there must be an easier way to merge photos. And in fact there is, has added a photo merger as one of it’s free tools with more than 20 different ways of merging photos.

The photo merger they created is very easy to use, you only have to upload a photo, then the effects specific parameters will show over the photo (in the upper side) where you’ll have another image form, there you’ll upload the second photo, it does not matter much in which order you upload them. Beneath the second photo form, you’ll have a selection box with the default value of “color dodge”, in this selection box you can select the merging method you want. Everyone of the merging methods will give you different results, they’re all great, but which one you choose will depend on what kind of merging you have in mind. Sometimes you may want to use the “add” method, some other times the “soft light” or the “threshold”.

As a example, we are going to merge a photo of two persons watching the sky, with a beautiful sky taken from fiction:

merge photos