Online tools for photo editing

Nowadays several tools exist in the web to edit your photos, so we took the time to review some of them, we picked some of our favorite ones and we list them below:

  1. If what you like is applying filters on your photos and don’t feel like having any trouble, in you’ll be able to do just that. You can pick among a ton of different filters and transformations, select some simple parameters and there you have it, you modified image without doing much effort. Plus it features a photo combiner which is pretty cool.
  2. Somewhat similar to but it is mobile enhanced. You can now have all the power of this image editor in your cellphone. It has all the quick share buttons, so you can easily share you content to your social networks.
  3. A powerful tool with a Poisson equation solver engine working on the back, it allows you to merge photos seamlessly, and it is beautifully designed with jquery in a fashion it almost feels like a desktop app. If you like face swap and some other snapchats, this is your way to go.

Whatever you pick, they are all good options and perform different transformations so we encourage you to go ahead and try them all. Have fun.

How to merge photos

Merging photos is a process which can be done by means of image processing, but as you may imagine, most of us are not image processing specialists, so there must be an easier way to merge photos. And in fact there is, has added a photo merger as one of it’s free tools with more than 20 different ways of merging photos.

The photo merger they created is very easy to use, you only have to upload a photo, then the effects specific parameters will show over the photo (in the upper side) where you’ll have another image form, there you’ll upload the second photo, it does not matter much in which order you upload them. Beneath the second photo form, you’ll have a selection box with the default value of “color dodge”, in this selection box you can select the merging method you want. Everyone of the merging methods will give you different results, they’re all great, but which one you choose will depend on what kind of merging you have in mind. Sometimes you may want to use the “add” method, some other times the “soft light” or the “threshold”.

As a example, we are going to merge a photo of two persons watching the sky, with a beautiful sky taken from fiction:

merge photos