How to use photoshop editor

Tutorial on how to use photoshop editor.

Photoshop editor online is a free, quick and easy to use photo editor that allows you to combine two photos like they were combined using photoshop, but way faster, easier and as I mentioned before is free. was designed having in mind that sometimes you may want to get a part from a photo or image and blend it into another photo seamlessly but without getting into all that trouble of getting photoshop, learning how to use, etc… After all, all you want to do is such a common task so there should be a more automatic way to do it. Well at photoeditoronline we are working precisely on that and taking it to common user level.

To work with photoshop editor online you only need to follow 4 simple steps, which we’ll mention:

  1. Obviously go to using your web browser. Once you’re there you should see the homepage, which is a screen like this:
  2. Click the green button that says “start editing”. Upload the two photos you are going to use, one of them is called front, this is the photo where you are going to crop the region you want to photoshop into the second image called background. In other words, the region you crop from the front image will be placed into the background image.
  3. Select the region you want to crop, you must be as precise as possible to avoid adding undesired things in the result. The selection tool was well designed, it is very flexible allowing you to select all kind of irregular shapes
  4. Drag the region into the desired placed, rotated it and scale it to fit exactly the shape in your background image and click finish. Finally select the overlay button if you want to completly remove the background, this will paste the region keeping the color of the background but the details of the front. Or select the mix button if you want to keep the color of the background, but the details of both images. In this case we are going to select overlay

finished photoshopped image

  1. Finally download the edited photo to your computer and share with your friends on facebook :)

    Thanks for reading