Photoshop pictures

What do we mean by photoshop a picture? After all there tons of things “photoshop” can mean, from ajusting illuminance and contrast in a picture, to completely edit it, adding new object to the original picture, removing some objects, creating cool effects. Well, in this tutorial what we are going to cover is how to add objects to the original picture. But for this we are not going to use precisely photoshop, we are going to use an alternative named

Photoshop editor online is web based photo editor focused mainly in adding new objects to pictures in a seamless way. It’s main purpose it’s to keep it is easy and interactive. To photoshop your pictures the first step is obviously going to the website and click start editing in the home page. Then select the picture you want to photoshop and the picture that you are going to use as frame (also called background). For this example we are going to use a regular person (front) and some kind of chakra aura (background).

Then we are going to select the person using the selection tool provided by the website and click crop (it’s the “done” button). Afterwards we are goind to place the cropped area into it’s new position in the background photo, make some rotations and scaling to make it fit. Then click the “Finish” button. And select the mix option.

Actually if have read our past tutorials you may have noticed that this is the first time we use the mix option, so we are going to talk about it a little bit. The mix algorithm combines the details of both pictures, the front and backgound, but keeps the colors of the backgound, making it look natural, if you remember the difference with the overlay option is that the overlay kept the colors af the background as well, but removed the details of the background. The mix options can be useful en many cases, for example adding a tattoo, getting an aura, placing a skull in front of you, adding particles to pictures and more, without lossing the escence of the backgound picture.

So once we get the result, we should get something like this:

photoshop online

tada! We just photoshopped a picture in minutes using the mix option!