Sharpen photo features several ways to sharpen photos, one of them would be to extract the edges and add it to the orignal image, another would be to use for example a lucis art filter, which kinds of sharpens the image, but also apply other effects to the image and finally the sharpen method developed by

How is sharpen done to your photos? The sharpen process consists of two main steps. First all the edges of the photo are computed using what is called a high-pass filter or edges filter. And now you will have an image where only the borders of the photo are displayed, where a white pixel means a high strenght edge and a black pixel means a low stenght edge. Actually if you want to see how an edges image looks like you can also try the edge photo effect. In the second step, the edge image is added to the original image with a simple sum. And that’s it you have a sharpen photo.

The sharpen photo effect is used mostly to beautify photos, because, just as we explained before, it enhances the details of a photo, most photo editors have one, sometimes is called by a different name, but basically this is what it does. In a photo editing process the sharpen effect can be use as a initial step and then some other effects are added to it.

However the sharpen effect is not only used to beautify pictures, it is also used to make blurry photos look clear. Let’s say you took a picture with a low quality camera, or you a trying to zoom an image but it looks pixelized, well you can apply a sharpen effect to improve it’s quality and in the second case you may want to increase the resolution before. Obviously you won’t get an effect like in the detective’s movies where they take a photo from a camera in a parking lot and sharpen it and suddenly they get the face of a person or a license plate, you can’t make any extra information appear out of nowhere. But still you can certainly make it look a little better with the sharpening effect.